Friday, May 31, 2013

Phat Food Friday : Snapea Crisps

Hey ladies! Welcome to Phat Food Fridays. I am gonna share the foods and recipes that are super scrumptious with you...aka make me fat OR just plain old "phat" cuz its yummy. I know I have a major sweet tooth and I crave carbs, so it is tough for me to eat healthy 100% of the time. I try though. On Fridays I thought it would be fun to share new snacks, recipes, food tips and tricks.
To kick this off, I am reviewing my fav new snack, the Snapea Crisps.
I LOVE sugar snap peas. They are my #1 go to health snack. But lets' be honest, sometimes you need a salty, crunchy snack! This sure fits the bill. Sure, they are NOT as good for you as the fresh veggie is, but they are baked, so I feel a bit better when indulging.
They also are the BEST baked snack I have tried...and trust me I have tried them all I think. Plus, both of the girls love them too. They come in Lightly Salted and Caesar flavors. Mmmm

They have a  cheese puff like airy crunch and a distinct pea taste. They are GREAT! Plus, they were 2 for $5 at the grocery so I HAD to try both, right? ; ) Grab a bag for your next pick nick or camping trip for a new twist!