Sunday, May 26, 2013

Would you like a cup o' joe?

How do you take your coffee?
I am a two sugar two creamers type of gal.
I good for me, but I gotta have it rich and sweet!
Oh, silly me! My name is Anne.

Thanks for stopping by to hang out!
I am a wife, mother, artist, teacher, seamstress and avid crafter.
I love bringing all things art to others!

Currently I am a stay at home mom to my two beautiful girls.
I just cant resist kissing all those cheeks!
I am taking a break from the classroom for now until my youngest is a bit older. While I love caring for my little baby doll, I really miss the creativity of my Art room!  I do miss clowning around with students and sharing tons of cool art stuff with them. I miss the chaos, the messes and the friendships. Hopefully, we can share that here!

The neat thing about this blog is that we can chat about art, sewing, food and anything else that I am currently obsessing over. Ooh! Travel too. I think I was a nomad in another life.  Anyhoo,  I LOVE to reuse stuff. Seriously, I hoard plastic containers like nobody's business.  Some other things that I have a tough time letting go of are clothes especially! My current obsession is my serger. I have only been using it a few months...but I LOVE it!
I have the best introduction to serging project EVER! I will share with you how to serge beautiful infinity scarves. Don't have a serger? No problem! We will also cover how to make one with your regular sewing machine too! Come back soon for another cup o' joe with me and find out just how I whip up these dreamy accessories.