Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY: Baby Bowling!

 So being from Milwaukee, I LOVE a good game of bowling...hey?!
So naturally, when I spotted a baby bowling game up on the local swap board,
I HAD to get it. But then it hit me...I can DIY this one baby!
So, this cutie pie helped me out.
She eats these cereal snacks daily
....and I save the plastic containers
When she has polished off a container, I just clip off the label...
Peel it off and run them thru the dishwasher.
See how easy that is?
You could use some cute washi tape, but since I was out, I used good ole Sharpie!
Grab your fav colors and get started!
fill in the 2 ridges that are molded into the plastic.
5 "pins" later, we are ready to bowl!
Now, dollie loves to haul around baskets, boxes and bags.
So this bin was perfect for storage!
Once we picked our bowling alley, she took the pins down our lane for set up.
Since she insists on knocking them down, I was the pin setter-upper.
We were without an official bowling ball, so we improvised!
Heeeere she goes!
She is working on the "stop and THEN throw the ball" thing.
Aaaaand ....smash!
Your turn mom!
Here we go!
Of course I won't object to a little help for a spare : )
So sweet!
Great for those long rainy days indoors.