Saturday, April 19, 2014

Free Tutorial: Easy Draw String Cosmetics Pouch - Custom Fit for the Mary Kay Pro Compact!

I love to make sweet little things! I found the need for a drawstring pouch for my new Mary Kay Pro Compact. I wanted something to protect the case while traveling. I found it especially handy to clip a carabineer to the string and then onto the hotel towel rack.

This was so fast and chic, I whipped up a few more for my favorite Mary Kay Consultants as gifts!
It fits just perfect!
You could use this handy pouch for many other girly things too.
Are you ready to get started? Super!
All you need are your basic sewing supplies...
and remember, if you do not have a serger,
just use an overcast stitch or zig-zag on the edge instead.
Here is what you need to cut out ...
One strip of fabric measuring 1.5" x 20" for the drawstring.
Two pieces of fabric measuring 8" x  14" for the pouch ...
go ahead and fussy cut these pieces so that your fabric shines! 
* All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted.*

Find the open edge of the pouch.
Down from the opening, on one long side, measure and mark the 2.5" point.
Rip your sewn seam and remove the stitches from the opening down to the mark.

Along this same edge, open up the 2 flaps of fabric.
Serge each flap separately, trimming away ~1/4".

Press the seam allowance open, if desired.


Finish the open top edge of your pouch by serging, trimming away ~1/4".
Use a large eye needle to bury your serger thread tails into the seam.
Trim your thread tails.

Fold the open top edge down to the split that you created in the side seam.

Press if desired.
Pin the edges in place, with a slight angle away from the seam.

Sew ~1/8" away from the serged edge of the bag, creating a casing for your drawstring. 
Remember to backstitch well, as this will be the area with the most stress.
Now that your pouch is finished, it is time for your drawstring!
RST, folded lengthwise, press your 1.5" x 20" strip of fabric.
Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the open edges together, remembering to backstitch...
AND leaving a ~2" gap in the seam for turning.
If desired, sew a slight curve on each end of your drawstring.

Trim the seam to ~1/4" to reduce bulk, and turn your drawstring inside out.

Edge stitch (as close as you can, sew ~1/8" away from the edge) being sure to close the 2" gap you left for turning.

Add your "made by" tag if desired to one of the inside serged flaps.

Run your tapered end draw string through your casing, using a safety pin.

And there you have it ladies...

Your very own custom Mary Kay Pro Compact (or other girlie item) drawstring pouch!

I know that you crafty ladies can easily customize this project to ANY size for the perfect fit!

Thanks for stopping by, and as always,
Have a beautiful day!