Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Girl's T-shirt or Onsie Revamp turned Dress!

I just love to shop, and sew for my daughter! Although it is fun, I have a tough time finding clothing that fits properly. My youngest dollie is a size 12 months in her shoulders, but a size 24 months in her height!
That is a huge difference. So, I love to add length to her t-shirts by adding a skirt!
Today, I will tell you just how to do that with or without a pattern.
First up here, is the fantastic
Tasha's T-Shirt Dress 2 Ways PDF Patern by Create Kids Couture.
You can buy it and download instantly here:
 I was a bit scared to ruin my first one, so I purchased this great pdf for just $3!
Now, I have all of the measurements, tips and tricks to attach the fabric to a T-shirt, or in this case onsie, of choice!
The great thing is, that once the onsie is too short on her, I can just cut off the snap crotch and she can still wear it!
This particular dress, I was even brave enough to use knit fabric.
It is super soft, stretchy, doesn't wrinkle and will last for a long time.
Next up here, are a few creations of my own.
Since my tall string bean here needs her clothes lengthened, I added a drop waist skirt to the top!
The top was a cute, but inexpensive 12 month onsie from Walmart.
I simply trimmed off the snap crotch and added the skirt.
Again, I used a soft knit.
To cut the fabric for the skirt piece, just measure the very bottom of the t-shirt or onsie, then multiply by 4. For example, the onsie pictured here was 11" wide. The knit I cut was 44" wide.
The length is up to you. I decided that 5" would be a good length, so I added a half inch to that for a seam allowance.
In the end, I cut my knit fabric to be 44" wide x 5.5" long.
To sew, join the two short ends, right sides together(RST) using your favorite stitch (serge, stretch stitch or zig-zag).
On this cute onsie revamp, I used lace! Adorable.
Again, I simply cut the fabric in the same way, and joined the two short ends (RST) to make a loop of fabric.
Next, I ran a gathering stitch along the long top edge of the skirt.
Then I pinned the right side of the skirt to the right side of the t-shirt and serged them together.
 You can also use a stretch stitch or a zig-zag stitch to join them.
She just LOVES playing in her pretty dresses! 
Her majesty is pleased.
As always, have a beautiful day!