Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Girl Dress PDF Pattern Review: Tilly by Brownie Goose

Since I am currently obsessing over sewing, I HAD to make the party dress for my special Birthday girl...right? I had been saving the one yard of flannel that grandma brought with her last year. I live on a remote island, so we only have a few boutique fabric stores. No Joanne, no Hobby Lobby, no Hancock, no Michael's....sigh. Well, the lack of endless shopping gives me more time to sew!
Anyhoo~ I scoured the Internet for patterns and just could not find anything that I liked loved...UNTIL I saw the Tilly pattern by Brownie Goose. It was love at first sight! The squared neckline, the graceful curved armholes and the best...that gorgeous open back! The dress is lined as well for cutie pies comfort.
I could see this style being a timeless classic. Plus, since I live in a colder climate, I had a few requirements. The dress needed to have the potential to be layered. The Tilly is great because you can have your sweetie wear it as a sleeveless summer top, or you can layer it beautifully! My daughter has worn it with a onsie, a lettuce edge t-shirt, and a turtleneck. Plus I have layered a vintage sweater over it as well!
I also needed to have something that I did not have to sew 10,000 buttonholes for. The Tilly is great because the button is just for looks. the bodice is sewn shut and it is nice and roomy to go over baby girl's head. Now, since I loooove the hard to find Classic Winnie the Pooh fabric, I decided to modify the pattern just a bit. I added snaps to the back. This will allow her to wear the dress a bit longer. Also, I can dress my dolly easier, since each time I try to put clothes on her it is like a WWF wrestling event between the two of us. Fortunately, I am victorious and she is clothed most of the time!
Another modification that I made was the length. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic version of the Tilly PDF, but again, I want her to be able to wear her Pooh dress as long as possible. The regular length that the pattern calls for is super. I think it gives the feminine look of a dress, but allows my toddler better mobility during playtime. After all, if you put an energetic kiddo in a long dress, much falling an fussing follow tripping over the skirt. Boo waaah!
OK back to the Tilly, have you tried the Brownie Goose PDF patterns yet? They are GREAT! The pattern is an instant download! So fast to get, print and start sewing! The tutorial is fab too! The pictures and directions are clear, easy to follow and includes a glossary of terms...just in case. The sizing I found to be spot on for my little girl too.
I just adore this pattern so much, there are no words to express how super it is. I think you can see what I mean...I finished my first "Tilly" just a few weeks ago and I have been on a non stop sewing spree of ONLY this pattern and variations of it! Take a look!
Denim, unlined, with serged edges.
Reversible! Rolled edge hems...

BEST upcycle ever...Daddy's uniform :)

If you MUST have this pattern , and trust me, you must! Go shop Brownie Goose Tilly now!
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