Sunday, June 9, 2013

Handcrafted Vintage Pooh First Birthday Bash

It is hard to believe that I was pregnant with my second daughter just a year ago.
I never realized the fast pace that life truly has until I became a mother.
But before, I tear up...let's talk PARTY! WoHoo!
I have recently been obsessing over the perfect one year old birthday party for my youngest "baby doll." The theme? Classic Pooh of course! Unfortunately, I only found a few different Winnie the Pooh themed decorations available....and one was a shower theme.
So, I was driven to Etsy. There was a few shops that offered custom Pooh decorations...but just not what I had in mind. So...whadda ya do when you just cant find that certain look?

You create it. Yup. I found bits and pieces of what I could use on Etsy, then I made all custom decorations for my dear daughter's bash. My older daughter reminded me that baby girl will not remember how the party was, and not to stress over it all.
But we all know how important these milestones can be for Mom baby...Right?

Stay tuned in the next few weeks and we will dissect the
That was in an announcer echo type voice...not just yelling : )

The DIY tutorials to come...
~Custom Party Plates~
~Handcrafted Gift Wrap & Party Hats~
~Birthday Banner and High Chair/Buffet Banner~
~Household Sized Cupcake Wrappers & Custom Cupcake Tips~
~Birthday Girl Dress Pattern Review~
~Sewing an Heirloom Toy Gift~


That smile was sooooo worth it!