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Free Custom Cupcake Wrapper Templates

Custom Cupcake Tips &
Household Sized Cupcake Wrapper Template


Being a crafty mother can be so much fun! Especially when planning a Birthday Party....and a 1st Birthday Party is one of the best, I think. I still can't believe that baby girl just turned one. I can't bring myself to take down those last balloons...

Anyhoo~ let's obsess over the BEST part of any birthday party...CAKE! Mmmm. I love cake, but you know, my out of the box mix just does not compare to someone with that baking GIFT. I searched my local Facebook pages and luckily found Jen!

You can find her website here: 

 She is THE Kodiak Cake Girl and man, are her cupcakes AWESOME! Seriously, I do not think that I have EVER tasted a better baked good...EVER. And let me tell ya, I have "sampled" quite a few jillion baked goods. Jen was super friendly, gave me exactly what I asked for visually, and delivered the fabulous chocolate cake and to DIE for Italian meringue buttercream frosting right on time! I never thought that I would eat a baked good so s-l-o-w-l-y as these creations. The super moist cake and the sweet, buttery light frosting were amazing. My older daughter said I need to order more asap. 

I was super excited to work with Jen. She asked for a picture or color sample so that she could get the coloring correct on the frosting too! What a doll! I sent her a picture of some bees that I had seen online, along with a link to my Classic Winnie the Pooh PDF papers. The coloring was perfect! Not to mention the scale and the modeling of the bees were cutie patootie and perfect to boot!
So, I will give you a check list here of what you need to remember to ask about/for when ordering your own custom cake!
1) Flavor of cake
2) Flavor of Icing
3) Type/size of cake (# of Cupcakes/ # of people to feed for sheet cake/ # of layers for a layered cake)
4) Pricing
5) Delivery/Pick up date
6) Style & color of party decorations (send a picture or a link to confirm the theme and colors)
7) Add ons... (fondant decorations, cupcake picks or toppers that can be added)
Since I was creating allllll of the decorations for the party, including the cupcake picks, I did not need those from my baker...I know, a bit obsessive, but it was suuuuper fun! I did not know how to make the fondant bees so I was sure to ask for those to "bee" included. Since I did not know exactly how I would assemble the decorative cupcake wrappers and picks, I asked my baker to box the bees separately. She even added toothpicks for safe transport and easy placement onto my flower frosted cupcakes. It was great!
When I got the divine baked creations home, I set aside one cupcake to "practice" assembling. I added the custom Classic Winnie the Pooh cupcake wrapper that I carefully printed and cut out(directions and one page print out at the end of this post). It is great because this wrapper fits the standard household sized cupcakes that you can make! I used the handy dandy double faced tape and a tweezers to wrap them and got 'em to stick. Then, I added the custom stamped Classic Winnie the Pooh picks I purchased/customized next. Finally, I carefully added the ADORABLE Classic Pooh inspired fondant bees onto the frosting rose. Voila! A perfectly cute, yummy first birthday cupcake for my little sweetie. And oh boy! Did she LOVE it! : )

DIY : Household Sized Cupcake Wrapper Template
1)             Download, print & cut out the template link below.
2)             Trace template shape onto the BACK of your pretty paper.
3)             Cut out as many custom themed cupcake wrapper as needed!
4)             Carefully apply double faced tape to one short, straight edge.
5)             Wrap the other end around the cupcake and adhere to tape.

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